Dogs on the beach become a hot topic during the summer in my town. The signs went up in May: “No dogs allowed on state beaches.” The dogs are pretty confused. The savvy locals bypass the rule by going to the beach at sunrise. Problem solved.

There is a particular local Facebook page that is filled with summertime rants complaining about the horrible, terrible, no good dogs on the beach. The rules say: “blah, blah, blah.” Some of the biggest complainers don’t even live in town or are recent transplants. There are many dial-happy citizen police ready to report any dog that sets a paw on the beach.

The way I see it, dogs are not the biggest problem on the beach in the summer. Lame graffiti and trash are just a few of the issues my dogs face daily. The only graffiti my dogs are responsible for isn’t permanent and washes off in the rain. I have seen humans leave the same kind of graffiti. As far as the trash goes, my beagle is nose to the sand snorting out every last bit of toddler snack left on the beach. She is a prime trash detective as well. If you leave it, she will find it, and sniff it and sniff it and sniff it… You get the idea.

Two local dogs named Buzz and Daisy (who happen to belong to me) documented some of the graffiti and trash they found on the beach this past summer. Check it out.

Buzz and Daisy are hoping Banksy shows up soon because his work would look awesome on the wall. They do admit to liking “Have A Happy day Mom” at 6th street. Maybe they painted it? They also might have accidentally broken their rule about not responding to stupid Facebook posts about dogs on the beach. No dog is perfect.

All photos and artwork are the authors unless otherwise noted. You can find Buzz and Daisy among gull photos and ocean art on my Instagram (link below).

Buzz is a rescue Catahoula/cattle dog from Arkansas who was given up because the kids wouldn’t take care of him. Age 11

Daisy is a rescue beagle from North Carolina who was given up because the owner had too many dogs. She had clearly been used for breeding and would definitely have failed as a hunting dog. Age between 5-8

More info: Instagram


Buzz Dog is contemplating whether this is an enhancement.


Daisy is wondering what a Mercedes symbol is doing hanging out with the mushrooms.

You’re So Naive

Buzz and Daisy are not too sure about this one.


Z81 (the gull) can kind of get behind this one.


Daisy is well versed in voicing her opinion.

Rule Breaker

Leashless at dawn before the tourists arrive.

Lil Curl

No comment on this one from the dogs. They don’t get it.

RIP Big Mike

A lot is going on here. Summer 2019! Woo hoo!!!! Oh ya, rest in peace, big Mike.

Rough Night For The Beagle

Daisy found her shoes and beer from last night.

Not Invited

Buzz was pretty disappointed he was not invited to the party.

Pop Play Eat

Buzz is not impressed.

No Dogs Allowed

Good thing Buzz can’t read and gets up early.

Burger King

The trash can is less than a foot away you crappy human

Why joyen?

Buzz is again confused? What does this mean.

Trash Goes Here

Young gulls helping lead the way.

Not An Ash Tray

Seriously humans. The parking lot is not your ashtray. The beach isn’t either.

Dawn Patrol

The best time of day to be a dog at the beach.

Beagle Patrol

Cleaning up toddler snacks one step at a time.

Have A Happy Day Mom

Painting inspired by one of the few likable graffiti pieces found this summer (that seems to reappear every summer).