Kathryn Larsen is young, but she’s already making huge waves in the world of sustainable architecture with her favorite building material…. seaweed. Yes, that stuff that sits on the beach and smells, Kathryn wants to build your house out of it. That idea might make you cringe, but the Danes have been using Eel Grass (a type of seaweed) to insulate their homes for years. I mean, think about it! Seaweed is already water-resistant, fire-resistant, and considered waste… it’s perfect!

Kathryn’s ideas and her current research build, The Seaweed Pavilion, was recently documented by photographer Kelley Hudson. The video touches on what Kathryn hopes to achieve with her aquatic innovations, how she hopes to develop her ideas further, and what the heck Eel Grass even is.

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The Seaweed Pavilion- A Building Experiment Inspired by Danish History